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If you’re anything like me, you’ve cooked more meals at home in the past 3 months than you ever dreamed possible!

In case you’re out of ideas or looking for ways to squeeze more out of your grocery budget, here are some meal planning apps that can help!

The magic of two of these apps is that they can auto-populate your grocery shopping list with the items you need and then transfer them to an online grocery delivery service in seconds. It’s so easy and don’t worry, you have a chance to review your order before you hit submit.


eMeals helps you come up with a weekly menu in minutes!

“We find that the average subscriber saves about $2,000 a year in their annual grocery spending,” explained Scott Jones, longtime “Southern Living” Executive Food Editor who now heads content for eMeals.

eMeals has a team of experts that curates recipes each week for breakfast, lunch and dinner in 15 different eating styles.

Pick your meals and then transfer your list to an online grocer for delivery or pickup.

“They can still choose to self shop if they want, but with the click of a button, they can pass those recipes through to one of those online grocery providers,” explained Jones.

eMeals is $30 for 3 months or $60 for 12 months after a two week free trial.

One thing to know about their free trial: I’d sign up via the app versus their website. If you sign up through the website with your credit card, there is no way (that I found) to cancel online. Instead, they make you call in, probably for one last sales pitch before you go.

If you sign up through the app you’ll be able to easily cancel through Apple’s App Store or Google Play subscriptions.


Just bought a new air fryer or love your spiralizer or grill?

Mealthy helps you find recipes tailored to just about every category you can think of. Browse by cooking appliance, dietary needs, and occasions, like weeknight or cheat day!

The site is free, but you might end up buying one of their kitchen gadgets in the process.


Mealime makes meal planning simple. Start with your preferences, including the type of meals you like. You can choose from classic, low carb, vegan and much more. Then, enter any allergies you have along with any dietary restrictions and finally any ingredients you don’t like.

I love this part of the onboarding process because it eliminates the endless scrolling through recipes that you would never choose to make.

After this customization, you’ll only see recipes within your guidelines. Pick individual meals or choose from Mealime’s pre-made plans for the week.

Next, generate your grocery list for in-store shopping or transfer off to an online grocery store for delivery.

Mealime is free or go Pro for $6 a month to access all of their recipes, nutritional information and more! I love that you can use most features of Mealime for free, but honestly, a lot of the most appealing recipes to me were on the Pro plan.

But at least they give you option to stick to free or upgrade.

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