I checked out the ‘Men in Black’ virtual reality experience at Westfield Century City and fighting aliens has never felt more realistic


There’s a new “Men in Black” virtual reality experience at Westfield Century City and Dreamscape invited me to check it out.

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The new experience has you virtually suit up as an agent from the popular movie franchise and step into an alien-fighting adventure fun for the whole family, as long as they’re 10 and up.

I brought my son and we absolutely loved it. The experience is more realistic and immersive than a typical video game and you’ll be talking about it long after it’s over.

The beginning of the VR experience takes you on a subway train ride to HQ and that was one of my favorite parts. Dreamscape’s virtual trickery has you feeling like you’re riding a train. It’s so realistic there are verbal instructions before you embark to not to sit on the seats, which look real in VR but aren’t there. If you tried sitting on them you would most certainly fall right to the ground.

Another aspect of the experience that was wildly realistic is when you ride a platform up into the air, seemingly thousands of feet high. My slight “concern” of heights kicked in, even though I knew I was safely on the ground inside a room in the mall. It’s amazing how easily the brain is tricked.

Overall, the Men in Black VR adventure is enjoyable and a treat if you’ve never experienced Dreamscape’s immersive take on virtual reality – they really are doing it best.

My son’s only critique is that he wished it lasted longer. Although the entire experience from suit up to suit down takes about 35 minutes, the actual VR portion is under 15 minutes. Still, well worth the memories and conversation you’ll get for the $23.50 ticket price.

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