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Admit it. You’ve done it.

As a new parent, chances are you snuck into your newborn’s room just to check on their well-being.

Now, a new type of high-tech baby monitor is hoping to take some of the stress and anxiety out of this new stage of life.

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Miku is a startup in Los Angeles making a contactless baby monitor that not only lets you see your child, but you can also view all kinds of metrics including breathing.

The device is powered by an algorithm, taught by over 30 billion breaths.

“We have two microphones for microphone array, we have the camera for image processing, then we have the radar set inside,” explained Colt Seman, co-founder of Miku.

That radar can monitor micromillimeter breathing movements, with nothing attached to your child.

“Even when your kids wearing clothes, through blankets, it allows us to track the respiratory through that,” said Seman.

The $400 device also tracks sleep, sound, temperature, lighting conditions and even the humidity in the room.

“They help create an environment for safe and comfortable sleep for your baby,” said Jacqueline Winkelmann, a board-certified pediatrician and medical advisor for Miku.

“Their science is solid… they did a study comparing our Philips monitor our hospital in the neonatal ICU in the East Coast and their accuracy was very impressive.

“If we notice anything with their change in respiratory, we will send a notification to your phone,” explained Seman.

Of course, this isn’t a medical product, but one more way to know what’s going on with your child and help parents rest easy, too.

“I think the whole baby industry right now as you can see is doing a whole high-tech upgrade… and we’re one of the devices leading that,” concluded Seman.

Miku is eligible for Flex Spending and Health Savings Accounts and it even doubles as a white noise machine, too. It’s available now at most major retailers and Amazon.

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