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What is your dog?

Pop in a picture of your dog and this website will tell you what breed it is instantly!

Microsoft is on a roll lately with various websites that can tell you how old you look, find your twin or even analyze your moustache. Now, the fine data scientists there have concocted a fun new site called “” that can identify the breed of a dog just by uploading a photo of man’s best friend.

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The site is super simple. You can try it out with a sample dog snapshot they supply or upload your own. I uploaded a photo I took of a giant dog I spotted while on assignment in Pasadena. 2016-02-12 06-46-21

In a matter of seconds, the site spit out the results – the dog is a Great Dane. I’m no veterinarian, but it seems pretty accurate.

Next, I tried a photo I took of a dog I spotted in Beverly Hills. It’s owner was kind enough to let me snap a pic.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 7.12.48 AM

Sure enough, the site seems to get it right. also explains that poodles are smart, friendly and get along with people easily. That’s more than you can say about some humans.

Microsoft says the site uses a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and intelligent cloud services. The site actually gets better at identification as more photos are uploaded. If it can’t ID a dog, it will display a percentage of the closest breed or show you the top 5 breeds that could be in a dog.

Just for fun, the site also analyzes humans. I popped in my picture to see what dog I resemble.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 6.45.55 AM

Looks like I’m a German Shepherd – busy, intense and highly intelligent. I like the way this site thinks.

Try it out: or download the app (iOS Only)

Pro Tip: If you’re using Google Photos just run this search to quickly find all of the dog photos in your collection!