Netflix Bigger than HBO in the U.S.

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It’s official: Netflix is bigger than HBO, at least in the U.S. According to new reports, Netflix has about 1 million subscribers than HBO here. While this is quite the attention grabbing headline, once you expand to include the world, it isn’t so impressive. HBO has over 110 million subscribers worldwide, whereas Netflix has just another 7 million outside the U.S.

Netflix is one to watch – while they might not necessarily be the one to beat in 10 years, they have certainly figured out the model that works right now. I’m torn on whether I’m totally excited about the new season of Arrested Development or totally over it since there is no way it can recapture the spirit of the original.


Starting today you can order Pizza Hut using your XBOX 360. Enough said.


If you think you’re being safe by using a hands free texting app in the car, think again. A new study says they’re just as dangerous as manually typing out texts. Driver reaction times were twice as long using something like Siri or Vlingo – the same amount as using the phone’s keyboard. Texas A&M Transportation Institute did the study with real drivers.


Antenna-gate checks are just starting to hit mailboxes, nearly 3 years after Steve Jobs told us we were holding our iPhones wrong. Buyers blamed bad iPhone 4 reception on poor design. If you didn’t opt to take a free bumper case from Apple a few years back, and are part of the settlement group, you’ll get a check for $15. via 9to5Mac


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