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Nintendo says it’s Switch consoles are the best-selling gaming system right now, with over a million sold in November alone.

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“People love it, people really love the Switch – from the game catalog, to being able to take it on the go,” explained Kevin Webb, a gaming and streaming reporter at Insider Inc.

He reviewed the latest Nintendo Switch OLED, which was released in October.

“They did more of an upgrade on what was already a really successful product in the Switch,” said Webb.

There are now three Switch models to choose from:

The Switch Lite, which is $199 and lets you play in portable style only.

The original Switch, which is $299 and lets you play with the controllers connected, portable style, or plug into a dock to play on your TV.

The new Switch OLED, which is like the original but costs $349 and has an improved screen and other refinements.

You get a bigger and brighter screen on the Switch OLED

The Switch OLED also has detachable controllers and a dock so you can play games on your TV, but the biggest difference is the screen. It’s bigger and brighter.

“The screen is both a bit more energy efficient and much brighter – it’s a stark contrast,” added Webb.

There is also double the onboard storage. The original Switch had 32 gigabytes of storage; the OLED has 64 gigabytes. That means more room for game downloads.

The adjustable stand is also greatly improved.

“It’s got a full flap here to help it stand up… whereas the other one had a very thin maybe an inch wide stand…to help it lean… a little wobbly,” said Webb.

You get an improved kickstand on the Switch OLED

Overall, the Nintendo Switch is best for casual gamers – there are no 4K graphics. It’s fun for the whole family and worth the extra $50 to go OLED over the original.

” I was expecting a big 4K machine to compete with the PlayStation and Xbox… but…  I honestly came away really impressed after hands on,” concluded Webb.

Right now, with tight supply and high demand, we’re not really seeing any discounts on the new Switch OLED, so be prepared to pay full price at this point if you can find one in stock. If you do see a bundle deal, most of those involve the original Switch.