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Soon, buying a hot, fresh pizza will be as easy as getting a soda from a vending machine.

El Segundo based Piestro is creating a pizza making vending machine that pizza brands can’t wait to get their hands on.

The machine can create a pizza from start to finish in about three minutes.

You can watch it work its robotic magic through a giant window on the front.

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First, a crust is selected and spins around as sauce, cheese and fresh toppings are applied. Then, it’s off into a special oven for just over a 2-minute bake. Finally, it’s cut and boxed, all by robotics.

Piestro even designed a special pizza box so that robotic arms can easily unfold and close it up.

You retrieve your pizza from a locker under the machine. The box even doubles as a tray to eat your pizza on.

“I fell in love with pizza when I was a little kid. I’m 7th generation in hospitality, my mom was a very talented chef back in Milan,” explained Piestro CEO Massimo Noja De Marco.

The system has proven so popular, there are nearly 5,000 pre orders for the $100,000 machine, which will likely be rented to buyers.

“You can have it at an airport, at your school, at your college, at the bottom of your high-rise building,” explained De Marco.

Piestro joins a long list of robotic innovations in the food industry, from Flippy the burger flipping robot to self-order kiosks. The device may replace entry-level workers or reduce the need for them.

Still, Piestro says that it is just part of the evolving workforce due to more capable tech. On the other side, valuable jobs are being created.

“We need people that actually build them, that program them, that code them, that maintain them,” said De Marco. “And they get paid a lot more than a fry cook.”

Piestro doesn’t plan to become a pizza brand of its own. Instead, the company will sell or rent the machines to other brands who will use them to put their pizza in more places.