Tech Smart: Here’s how to price check that Cyber Monday deal


Even through a pandemic, Cyber Monday is expected to keep its crown as the biggest online shopping day of the year! What’s not to like? Nearly everything is on sale and there’s no reason to leave the house.

Adobe Analytics forecasts $12.7 billion dollars in online sales, 35 percent more than last year!

The Consumer Technology Association association expects adults to spend an average of $528 on gadgets.

Still, before you hit that “buy” button, here the tips and tricks you need to know.

“There’s not much that isn’t on sale during Cyber Monday,” started Nathan Burrow, Deals editor at the reviews website Wirecutter.

Their Daily Deals page is a good first stop when looking for Cyber Monday steals.

“When we post a deal on a given item it’s not only a great price relative to what it usually costs, but it’s a quality item,” explained Burrow.

Once you find something you want, be sure to price check it.

Two good days to do that? CamelCamelCamel has historical pricing for just about every item on Amazon. Copy and paste in the URL of the item you’re eyeing and it will let you know if that low price is unique or happens all the time.

Keepa is another resource Burrow recommends. They have similar pricing history along with a Chrome Extension so it’s easier to see pricing history. I like how their Deals page lets you see all of the items that are discounted on Amazon. Plus, you can filter by various categories, price drops and more.

A quick Google Shopping search is also a smart thing to do. Once you spot a deal on an item you like, just search for it in Google and hit the Shopping tab.

“[This will] bring up all the retailers that have it available and just make sure that you’re getting a good price relative to other reliable retailers out there,” said Burrow.

Don’t feel pressured to jump on a deal before you research it. Even Amazon’s Lightning Deals generally give you a 15 minute grace period to check out after you add one to your cart.

You can also take advantage of waitlists on Amazon for items you really want. You’ll get a notification or an email if an item you wishlist becomes available.

“So if another person has added it to the cart and ultimately they don’t check out with it, even if it’s sold out you may be able to grab it,” said Burrow.

Keep in mind – while Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy get all of the attention, just about every website has some sort of deal on Cyber Monday. If there’s a brand you like, visit the site directly for potential discounts or check their social media for promotions.

Personally, I go through a mental shopping list of the things I expect to need in the next few months or the gifts I want to purchase for others. Then, I go to these sites to see if there are any deals being offered.

“I think the most important thing that consumers keep in mind is to take an informed approach… not every deal out there that’s advertised that’s spectacularly discounted is in fact really that well discounted,” concluded Burrow.

Some of the most anticipated toys and gifts this year, according to Adobe, Rainbocorns, Cutetitos, Little Live Pets, Star Wars toys, video games and the new consoles including PS5 and Xbox.

And finally, to answer one of the top questions I get around this time of the year:

Do I buy a TV now or wait until Super Bowl Sunday sales?

Generally, the prices are a bit better before the big game but a lot of the deals and sales end up coming out to about the same. So, if you see a TV deal you like during Cyber Monday, go for it.

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