Q&A: LG G3 Smartphone

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Your questions about the LG G3 answered

The LG G3 is the first smartphone to offer new features like the laser auto-focus, but is it a gimmick or a must-have? Rich DeMuro is answering your top questions.


Rich asked, on his Facebook page, what you wanted to know about LG’s brand new flagship phone, the G3. Here’s are the top questions and answers.

How’s the camera?
It does focus fast and takes pictures quickly, but photos look best in bright settings and the details get a bit grainy when you zoom in.

Check out sample pictures taken with the G3.

One unique camera option that’s worth mentioning is using your hand to take selfies. You can take a selfie by raising your hand to the camera and then making a fist. The software recognizes your gesture and counts down to take a photo.

Is the G3 water resistant?

No, it is not. So if that’s a must-have feature, the Galaxy S5 might be a better bet.

How long is the battery life?
The G3 has a 3000 mAh battery, which is more than many phones. It should last you all day, but the big 5.5 inch screen does use up a lot of juice. Fortunately the back plate comes off, which means you can swap out the battery if you carry a spare.

Is there an SD card slot?
Indeed there is, right here above the sim card. The G3 comes with 32GBs of built in storage space, but you can expand that to 128GBs with a micro SD card.

How does it compare to the iPhone and Samsung?
The iPhone’s form factor is slightly easier to hold, plus the camera is better. But compared to the Galaxy S5 the G3 is the better choice if you want the largest screen possible for a phone of the same size.

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