This 16-Year-Old Created a Successful Kickstarter Accessory for the iPad

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A 16-year-old saw an opportunity to create an accessory for the iPad and used the latest tech tools to create and sell it.

At just 16 years old, Samson Taxon is less interested in Instagram and more concerned with creating.

“I’m very into technology, making things in general. My grandfather was an electrical engineer and he really got me into making things, but I’ve always had an interest in taking things apart and knowing how things work and wanting to create things that are new,” explained Samson, who live in Los Angeles.

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Already, the high school student has created an iPhone game as well as an app to help you study.

But when he got the latest iPad Pro, he saw an opportunity for improvement.

On the device, the Apple Pencil magnetically attaches to the side, but it doesn’t always stay there. So, Samson designed a tiny stick on accessory he calls “GRP” (grip). He 3D printed his accessory and figured others might find it useful too, so he put it on Kickstarter.

The $10 accessory was fully funded in the first day! Sales have since topped 500 units.

“People who have received theirs are very happy with it. I’ve been getting more suggestions about changing the design,” explained Taxon.

And still, no one who bought one knows they’re dealing with a junior in high school, further proof that tech tools can help make anyone a success story!

“It’s amazing that like people my age can get into this. You don’t have to have a degree yet, you don’t have to have experience working at a job, you can get started just with your phone or computer,” concluded Taxon.

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