Samsung’s latest phone is called the S21 FE, or fan edition. It’s less expensive than their flagship devices but packed with essential features you need. It’s the follow up to last year’s FE, which was one of Samsung’s best sellers thanks to its combination of features and price.

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“I don’t think the fan edition name really fits on this phone… because it’s not a phone for enthusiasts… it really is just a phone for the masses,” said Ben Schoon, senior editor at the website 9to5Google.

“It’s a crowd-pleasing phone just because it when it comes down to the basics it gets everything right or at least good enough where most people will be happy with it,” explained Schoon.

The phone is the perfect size – even with a case on, it will be comfortable to use and hold. It’s made of less expensive plastic instead of glass and metal like Samsung’s models above it.

Schoon says this makes it “a little bit lighter” and “a little more durable.”

The cameras are excellent, but not as good as Google’s latest Pixels or the latest iPhones.

“Most of the time they’re going to hold up very well and the saturated colors give off a look that most people want for social media,” said Schoon.

The camera has three lenses on the back, including a 3x zoom, main and an ultra-wide, results seen below.

If you’re most interested in photo quality, this phone’s biggest competition is the Pixel 6. It sells for $599 and has incredible cameras and software for the price. Be sure to include that phone in your comparison before you purchase.

One significant difference in this year’s S21 FE versus last year’s model: Samsung has removed the MicroSD memory card slot. You can’t add more storage after you buy.

Still, there is wireless charging and the latest Android 12 software.

“You will get 3 years of major updates and another year of security updates,” explained Schoon.

The S21 FE comes in several bold colors including Graphite, Olive, Lavender and White.

Portrait mode on the 32 megapixel selfie camera

It starts at $699 but the device is already seeing discounts of at least $100 and you can also toss in the trade in value of your current phone.

Bottom line: Thanks to promotions, you might be able to get this phone at a deal. If the price is right, the S21 FE is a great phone for the casual user.

Just one thing to keep in mind: Samsung’s latest S22 flagships are expected to launch in February, but they will be more expensive than this device.