Samsung Galaxy Buds Live earbuds look unique but sound and feel great

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Samsung’s latest earbuds are called the Galaxy Buds Live. They are some of the most unique looking earbuds on the market and many say they resemble beans!

But the design risk pays off: these are some of the most comfortable earbuds I’ve ever worn.

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They also have active noise cancellation and an open design, which means when you put them in your ears they don’t give you that “sealed off” feeling of pressure in your ears.

Galaxy Buds live also have three microphones, and in my tests, callers said that my voice sounded clear. I went on a few runs with them and they never felt like they were going to fall out.

As for the noise cancellation, it’s not as pronounced as AirPods Pro, so if you want the highest level of noise cancellation, I’d still go with Apple’s earbuds. Personally, I prefer the way the Galaxy Buds handle exterior noise since you can still hear and be aware of sounds around you.

Also, keep in mind these aren’t necessarily fitness earbuds. They have a IPX2 rating, which is on the low end of the scale for water and sweat resistance. For reference, AirPods Pro are IPX4.

Galaxy Buds Live go for six hours on a charge, the rechargeable case brings total usage time to 21 hours. Don’t forget, in a pinch, you can recharge the case wirelessly by resting it on the back of a compatible Samsung phone using a feature called Wireless PowerShare.

Samsung Galaxy Buds live are $169.99 and are on sale now. They might look a little strange in your ears, but their futuristic design pays off with a winning combination of looks and performance.

In fact, you can wear these Buds in your ears all day long and forget they are even there.

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