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Hard to believe Samsung has been making foldable phones for three years now with no real competition.

The company says 10 million foldables were sold last year and they command 90% of the market.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is their latest and most popular foldable handset.

Last year’s model was great, but the camera and battery life held it back.

This year, Samsung says they made the camera better, and the battery size and life is increased.

Folded, it’s reminiscent of the flip phones we used to carry, but they were easier to open and balance with one hand. This falls just short of that.

Samsung says the Flip’s been tested for over 200,000 folds and the phone is water resistant for 30 minutes.

The fun here is in the form factor. It’s hard not to fall in love with this device. You get a small screen on the outside and a big screen on the inside. It is a bit narrow so not every app takes advantage of the extra space and typing can be a bit tricky until your fingers get used to it.

There are multiple ways to take pictures and videos.

You can double press the power key to activate the outside cameras or start inside and switch to selfies on the outside.

Basically, because of the foldable form factor you’ll be able to use the main cameras more often, even when it involves selfies or vlogging.

Speaking of that, recording yourself has never been easier. Just prop the phone open or use the outside screen as a viewfinder.

You can get creative since the phone stays in a variety of positions. You can even fold it 90 degrees and hold it camcorder style.

There are lenses for standard and wide shots, but no optical zoom. Photos look good but still a step below Samsung’s top of the line Ultra.

Video calls are effortless. The fact that you can just prop up your phone as a impromptu tripod is very convenient.

The Galaxy Flip 4 has many tricks built in, like a feature that turns the lower screen into mouse pad. It’s fun and retro, I’m just not sure why you’d need it.

The smaller cover screen can accomplish various tasks but will take some time to learn. I do like how you can customize the clock in many ways.

There is wireless charging built in, but some stand up chargers might not work as expected.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a fun and capable alternative to standard phones, but it’s more about embracing something new than necessity. It’s a compelling device if you want something uniquely different.

The Z Flip 4 sells for $1,000 but Samsung has some generous trade in offers that could bring the price down to as low as a few hundred dollars.