If you’re looking for the best Samsung value this year, the S20 FE is the smartphone to get

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Samsung released many phones this year – but only one provides the ultimate combination of features and price. It’s called the Samsung S20 FE and, according to one report, it was created in direct response to the pandemic.

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“Launching those kinds of phones at that price point didn’t feel right in the middle of the pandemic, in the middle of a global recession where millions of people lost their jobs and so this phone is a bit of a reaction to that it is it gives folks a bit of a price break,” explained Roger Cheng, Executive Editor at the tech website CNET.com.

I’ve been playing with the S20 FE, or Fan Edition, for weeks now and it’s hard not to love it. The phone has many of the best features from Samsung’s pricey flagship devices.

Features like 5G, a big 6.5 inch screen complete with a fast refresh rate (things look buttery smooth when you switch screens or scroll). There’s also a three camera setup on the back with ultra wide, wide and telephoto lenses. A selfie shooter on the front is 32 megapixels.

There’s long battery life, wireless charging, water resistance and expandable storage.

It even comes in a bunch of fun colors.

“This really is one of the better phones of Samsung’s put out and really the most appropriate phone that Samsung has put out for this year,” explained Cheng. “it really includes a lot for the money you’re paying.”

So how much are you paying for the “Fan Edition?” The MSRP is $699, but many retailers have been selling it for $100 less at $599. I expect further discounts over the holidays, which make this an incredible value.

But don’t take my word for it – reviews of the phone has been glowing. in my testing, I found the S20 FE to take fantastic photos – it’s even more effortless than the S20 Ultra at getting good pics.

I went to great lengths to try to trip it up with various low light pictures and while phones like the Pixel might have an edge at night, I still like the photos I’m getting out of the S20 FE a lot.

“It really does check off a lot of the boxes for someone looking for a top-tier phone but without having to spend a thousand dollars or more,” said Cheng.

A sweet spot of price, performance, and features, the Samsung S20 FE might be more appropriately called the “Fan Favorite.”

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