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Whether you are putting a small business online or hoping to build a personal brand, we talk to a social media expert who has some tips for navigating the top social media networks.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can provide an endless source of information and entertainment, but they can also be a great tool for building a small business or personal brand online. Recently I talked with social media expert Rebekah Radice for some tips on using these social media networks to your advantage. Radice recently published a new book on the topic called "Social Media Mastery: A Comprehensive Guide to Strategic Growth."

Before we get to the tips - keep mind Radice's #1 no-no for social media: unless you're a celebrity, you can't just hop on and sporadically show up and not really understand the needs of your audience. AKA, you need a plan.


Facebook is all about the algorithm. Your posts won't get in front of your audience unless you provide engaging content. You also need to be consistent.

"Keep them interested, keep them coming back, keep them engaged," explained Radice.

On Facebook Radice says video is tops these days, so try a Facebook Live. If you're worried about what to do or say, try something fun with your audience like a Q&A.


Radice says Twitter users are used to acting fast. They retweet, heart and reply in seconds. For this reason, you can "tell" your followers what you want them to do.

"That audience is used to moving rapidly... and being able to react," explained Radice.


With the addition of Stories, Instagram has become a great place to share a behind the scenes look at your business or everyday life. This content expires in 24 hours so you can have a bit more fun with it versus the photos you post on your typical Instagram profile.

"Take them along with you... whatever goes on in your world, let your audience in. That's really the beauty in that expiring content," said Radice.

Pay for Play

Radice is fine with social media users paying to "boost" the visibility or reach of a post. This can get your content in front of more people who might want to see it, but just make sure you are using proper targeting methods. Radice says to try a keyword that involves the name of your biggest competitor.

Whatever you do, don't pay for followers. "You're paying for people that, more than likely, could care less about you," said Radice. "They're probably bots."

Easy to Post, Not So Easy To Delete

One more thing to keep in mind - it's easy to get your content out there on social media, but it's not so easy to retract it. Somewhere, somehow what you say and post is archived online.

"Those things stick with you...It's out there forever, so you really have to be careful," concluded Radice.

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