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It’s been seven years since Sony released a totally new gaming console. Now, the wait for more speed, power, and performance is over. The PlayStation 5 is now available – that is, if you can get your hands on one.

The first thing you notice about the PlayStation 5 is that it is really big. The console seems larger than life. It also sports a furtistic design that you might love or hate.

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Since it’s curved, the PlayStation 5 requires an (included) snap-on adapter to lay it’s on its side. Alternatively, you can stand it up. It’s your choice, but either way, “it definitely calls attention to itself,” said Todd Martens, Video Game Critic at the Los Angeles Times.

Like myself, Martens has been playing with the new gaming console.

“Hopefully this thing is built to last seven to eight years, as consoles tend to last,” said Martens. It certainly seems that way.

There are two models to choose from. A $399 model is all digital. A $499 model includes a Blu-Ray drive, which will give you more flexibility to play physical movie and game discs (remember those?).

The console itself seems plenty speedy. “The first thing you notice when you turn it on is just how fast it is,” said Martens.

The new DualSense controller gets a major upgrade. There are special motors inside that help you feel and hear motion and reaction from games like never before.

“The movements are much more focused and direct,” said Martens.

An included game called Astro’s Playroom shows off the capabilities of the new controller. It’s quite impressive, but it will be up to game developers to code their games to fully take advantage of the new possibilities. There’s also an on-board mic on the controller. The box includes one.

I played the highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales game, and while I’m not what you would consider a hardcore gamer, I was impressed. It was like watching a movie, with graphics so realistic and smooth, you might think the game was “filmed” in New York City.

At $400 to $500 dollars, plus games – the PlayStation 5 is a big investment. Still, it seems powerful enough to last for years and with support for apps like Netflix and Hulu, it can serve as a solid foundation for all of your home entertainment needs.

“Don’t feel like you’re missing out if you wait a few months. Typically it’s a good 6 months or longer before you really start seeing games that fully take advantage of these consoles,” concluded Martens.

One thing to keep in mind: you’ll have to have a 4K TV to get the most out of the new PlayStation 5. Also, getting your hands on one could take some time. Sony says they’re only doing online sales, at least for now, and inventory is already in high demand.

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