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You’ve seen two wheeled, electric scooters around town, but get ready for a new breed of scooter that’s even easier to hop on and ride.

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Spin is placing their first set of three-wheeled scooters in Santa Monica for a more accessible, inclusive type of transportation around town.

“[It’s] meant to provide another form factor, another mobility options to serve folks with different abilities and different preferences,” explained Phuong Bui, Senior Manager of Government Partnerships for Spin.

You use Spin’s smartphone app to unlock the scooter, which costs $1 to start and 33 cents a minute during commuting hours, outside of that it’s $1 to start and 39 cents a minute to ride.

Spin also offers a way to text in requests to ride, so users can ride even without a smartphone or credit card.

The three wheeled scooters are made by Ninebot Segway and are currently limited to a top speed of 10 miles an hour.

“There’s a way lower barrier to entry. You don’t have to worry how to ride it, how to balance it… you just hop on, pull the throttle, and go. Definitely a little easier to maneuver than a standard scooter because you’re not really balancing,” said Chris Grant, Spin’s liaison for Santa Monica.

The scooters have a bell, turning signals and they are super easy to just jump on and go. Unlike a two wheeled scooter, you can even lift a hand off the handlebars for a moment if you needed to.

Spin tells me the three wheeled scooters will soon appear in other cities across the country as well.

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