This super realistic “humanoid robot” stole the show at CES 2022


There is always a ton to see at CES, and this year’s show – although scaled back – was no different.

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One of the most interesting displays of technology wasn’t even on the main show floor! You had to go to the startup area called Eureka Park, to see it. But the journey was well worth it.

Ameca is a humanoid robot from UK company Engineered Arts. The company says the bot shows off 20 years of innovation in movement and natural gestures, along with the ability to take advantage of cutting-edge AI.

The robot looks and acts uncannily human, with realistic facial expressions and smooth movements without that buzzing sound you typically associate with robotic movements.

The end result? A robot that can interact with visitors in a very natural way. Engineered Arts told me the bot could be used for everything from entertainment to customer service.

Although Ameca could answer questions and had a good sense of humor, one thing the company wouldn’t tell me is if there was an actual person controlling it. They said that was better left up to the imagination.

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