New GPS Trackers for Kids: Jiobit, Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch

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Technology is giving us the ability to see where our kids are in real time! Here are two new options for GPS kid trackers. 

Lots of parents are interested in technology that helps them track their kids, but the options are pretty limited if you don’t want to give them a smartphone at such a young age.

Here’s a look at two new GPS trackers made just for kids!


Jiobit is a tiny clip-on tracker that can be used for kids, pets and the elderly!

“The inspiration for this came when I lost my son in a park for half an hour. If you’re a parent and a couple seconds goes by, you’re losing your mind,” explained Jiobit co-founder and CEO John Renaldi.

Jiobit gps kids tracker

Jiobit uses various networks including GPS, cellular, Bluetooth and WiFi to let you see it’s location on a smartphone app, which is well designed.

It even does micro-location, which means it’s smart enough to let you know when you’re getting closer or further, or if the tracker is located above or below you.

“We think of this as providing peace of mind for parents, to let their kids actually have a little more freedom, instead of sort of helicoptering around them – this allows them to go out and explore a little bit more!”

Jiobit is waterproof, encrypted for privacy and it sells for $150 plus $9 a month for service.

Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch 

Want the ability to communicate back and forth with your kid? Check out the Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch.

It comes in two fun colors and it has an interface designed just for kids.

“The parents don’t need to be giving access to content and tons of applications at this age, so that’s why we really wanted to simplify the experience,” explained Casey Ryan, CEO of Coolpad in the U.S.

The watch has built-in cellular and GPS so parents can see where their kids are. You can also send texts to the screen so your kid can reply with their voice. It also tracks steps and makes calls.

The downside: while I found the interface to be well designed, it wasn’t always as smooth and easy to manipulate. I had trouble sending a voice message, for example. This could be improved with a future software update.

“Ultimately, it’s just a way for them to stay safe with their parents and always be in contact,” said Ryan.

Dyno Smartwatch sells for $150 and service is $10 a month.

The big question with these devices is: how long will the battery last? With the Jiobit, you can get about a week worth of use before it needs to be recharged. The Dyno Smartwatch will likely need to be charged every other day.

Rich DeMuro is the Tech Reporter at KTLA TV Channel 5 in Los Angeles and author of the bestselling iPhone guide 101 Handy Tech Tips for the iPhone.

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