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If you’re on a standard unlimited plan, you might be overpaying for your service. We take a look at some of the cheapest cell phone plans available, and one of them starts at just zero dollars per month!

We talked to Sherri Riggs at the cell phone comparison website WhistleOut about some of the cheapest plans out there. Just keep in mind with many of these plans, high speed data might be limited, you might not be able to turn your phone into a hotspot and you might not be able to connect a cellular Apple Watch to your plan.

Sherri Riggs of cell phone comparison website WhistleOut

But if those things don’t matter to you, you might be able to save a bunch of cash each month by switching to one of these plans!

Here are some of the cheapest cell phone plans, as identified by WhistleOut!

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Talk and Text Plans

Name: Text Now
Network: Sprint & Wi-Fi
Cost: $0
Details: Free unlimited talk/text through the TextNow app. The service is free because it’s paid
for by what the company calls, “unobtrusive ads”. TextNow will automatically switch between
Sprint and Wi-Fi depending on which network is stronger.

Name: Ting 500 Mins + 1000 Texts Plan
Network: Sprint & T-Mobile
Cost: $0 (free for 6 months through site)
Details: 500 minutes & 1,000 texts (About 17 min. of talk a day/33 texts a day)

5GB – 10GB Plans

Name: Mint Mobile 3-Month Plan
Network: T-Mobile
Cost: $20
Data Allowance: 8GB
Details: Pay $60 upfront for 3 months of service. You get 8GB of high speed data and unlimited
talk and text. PLUS you get free calls to Mexico and Canada and you can use your phone as a
hotspot. (After intro pricing cost will go up to $35/Month. You can keep intro pricing if you renew
for 12 months.)

Name: Good2Go Unlimited Talk & Text + 6GB of LTE data
Network: AT&T
Cost: $20
Data Allowance: 6 GB
Details: get unlimited talk/text and 6GB of high speed (slows to 2G speeds after 6GB). After 3 months data goes down to 3GB of high speed.


Name: Unlimited Kickstart
Network: Sprint
Cost: $35
Details: Unlimited talk/text/data for customers who switch, add a new line, and port number.
Perks: Free texting in 185 countries + 2G data

Name: Visible
Cost: $40
Network: Verizon
Details: Unlimited talk/text/data. Data may slow down when the network is congested. You can use your phone as a hotspot (5Mbps speeds).

Up to 2GB

Name: Tello Value Plan
Network: Sprint
Cost: $14
Details: Unlimited talk and text + 2 GB of high speed data. Once high speed data is used you get unlimited 2G speeds + you can use your phone as a hotspot.

Name: Twigby Unlimited Texts + 500 Minutes
Network: Sprint + Verizon
Cost: $15.75 for 6/mo. (25% savings)
Details: Get unlimited texting and 500 talking minutes + 2GB of high speed data. After high-speed data is used you still get unlimited 2G speeds. PLUS you get international calling & texting at no extra charge.