This app can keep track of your subscriptions and even cancel the trickiest ones for you

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In these uncertain times, you might be taking a closer look at your budget and cutting subscriptions you no longer need.

“We’ve cancelled well over 100,000 subscriptions at this point, so it’s everything you can imagine from gyms to streaming services to newspapers to really you name it,” says Yahya Mokhtarzada, CEO of Truebill – an app that keeps track of your spending.

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“It gives you a very comprehensive overview of your money… where it is and where it’s been going,” explains Mokhtarzada.

Pictured: Yahya Mokhtarzada, CEO and Founder of Truebill

Connect your accounts to see a list of big purchases, upcoming bills and recurring subscriptions, “we give you the ability to cancel those in one click,” says Mokhtarzada.

That’s right – Truebill will do the dirty work for you. They say some services like Netflix, are easy to get rid of, but others like newspapers and gyms, not so much.

“We will not only send a certified letter to cancel it, but we then stay on top of the gym and make sure it’s received so ultimately they stop billing,” explains Mokhtarzada.

So what are people ditching in during the COVID crisis?

“One of the big kinds of obvious ones that we’ve seen a big plunge in is babysitting or child care,” says Mokhtarzada.

Along with Audible, sports subscriptions like ESPN and WWE and the acne treatment Proactiv.

So, what’s winning?

“The huge one of course is Zoom, where we’ve seen an overwhelming in pour of new subscriptions,” says Mokhtarzada.

Mobile apps and online gaming are seeing big spikes, along with services like ABC Mouse and HBO Now.  

Canceling is one option, but Truebill can also help you negotiate lower bills on things like cell phone, internet, cable, home security and satellite radio.

“We’re successful more than half the time and these end up being significant savings,” says Mokhtarzada.

So how much does Truebill charge? The company has a “pay what you think is fair” model from $3 to $12 dollars a month and they take a cut of any savings they find you.

In my experience a few years back, Truebill was successful in cancelling a kids gym membership I had that was supposed to be done in person, but they took care of it all for me. I was impressed!

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