While artificial intelligence and robotics are appearing in almost every aspect of our lives, one company now willing to pay $1 million to put their AI in front of the nation’s highest court.

Founded by Joshua Browder, DoNotPay launched a simple chatbot in 2015 designed to assist users with legal and administrative issues. Since then, the company claims it has helped tens of thousands of people get parking tickets dismissed and win other simple legal matters.

Now, DoNotPay is willing to pay any lawyer $1 million to use its AI in an argument before the United States Supreme Court.

DoNotPay can run on a smartphone. It listens and analyzes court arguments, formulates a response and, through AirPods, can direct the attorney what to say in real time.

The $1 million offer goes to any lawyer or a person representing themselves in an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case who is willing to make arguments by repeating precisely what the AI says.

Will it work? Who knows. Is it legal? Even less certain.

The legality behind a person or lawyer being told what to say in a high-profile court case by a bot can be called into question and, of course, it remains to be seen if the defendant would win the case.