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A new type of online grocery store called Misfits Market is all about quality, mostly organic food at prices lower than you would find in store. The twist? The food is imperfect, so it might otherwise go to waste.

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“There’s produce that’s too big… they’re too small, they’re shaped a little bit weird, so grocery stores don’t want to buy them and put them on their shelves,” said Abhi Ramesh, Founder and CEO of Misfits Market.

The company sent me two boxes of products to sample. There was an abundant selection of fruits and veggies, snacks and even meats.

Sometimes, it was tough to tell exactly what was “misfit” about the products. The apples had some scuffs on them, and the potatoes were varying sizes. It might be the stuff that you overlook at the grocery store in search of something a bit more perfect.

But in the end, the taste was on point. I made a salad with the produce and roasted up the veggies. There was no feeling that this food was any less spectacular than what we would get in the store or delivered by Amazon Fresh. I also cooked up the chicken and salmon and my kids commented that the salmon was some of the best they had.

Another standout product? The corn tortillas, from a brand named Masienda. They tasted as fresh as a restaurant.

There are over 500 items to choose from and many are organic. All of the items are marked with their savings.

“For the average basket that you buy each week… you’re going to save between 30 and 50 percent,” said Ramesh.

Shopping on Misfits Market is a bit different than the fast delivery services offered by local grocery stores. You build a box each week before the cutoff date and time, then your box is shipped to your home. This is best as sort of an ongoing subscription of the basics you need each week versus instant gratification of the stuff you need to make tonight’s dinner.

“By purchasing from us, you’re helping impact the environment in a positive way, helping save food waste… and saving money while you’re doing so,” concluded Ramesh.

Want to try it out? Use code RICHONTECH30 for 30% off your first two boxes.

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