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Between online meetings and virtual classes, there is a lot to remember when people are talking. These transcription tools can help you take notes of everything being said and you don’t have to type a thing.

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Google Docs

In Google Docs, let Google do the typing! Just open a new document and hit Tools in the menu, then Voice Typing. You’ll see any words being spoken typed out in real-time.

It’s quite impressive to watch; Google is really good at this.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft just added a similar feature to Office on the web. Sign in on the Microsoft Edge or Chrome browser to use it.

Start a new Word document, hit Home, then look for the microphone icon labeled Dictate. Tap and it’ll type while they talk.

Google Recorder App

Got a Google Pixel? Check out Google’s recorder app! Not only does it transcribe in real-time, but it also keeps an audio recording. Tap a word and it will jump to that location in playback.

For an experience similar to Google Recorder that works on all Androids and iPhones, check out It can record and transcribe at the same time. You get 600 minutes of transcription free each month.


Finally, for a way to transcribe Zoom calls with ease, just hit record!

An app called Descript will take a video recording file from Zoom and transcribe what’s being said. It can even detect multiple speakers and separate what each person said.

Descript is free for 3 hours of use, pricing plans start at $12 a month.

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