Turns out the OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone has low-key x-ray vision

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Looks like I missed a really interesting feature in my recent review of the new OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone: x-ray vision!

OK, so the phone can’t see through walls, but it can see through a variety of household objects. First spotted on Reddit, it’s all thanks to the special “color lens” filter OnePlus built into the phone.

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Normally, it helps you take cool looking photos but one filter in particular – Photochrom – can actually “see-through” certain items.

I find that it works best on plastic items that seem to be solid but are actually somewhat transparent.

Here’s my Amazon Fire TV. Look at all of those connectors inside. It’s as if you can see right through the plastic housing!

The effect is quite apparent on the Amazon Fire TV remote as well. You can see all of the insides very clearly!

This Nintendo Switch controller is actually a bit translucent to begin with. You can see some of the stuff beneath, but under the OnePlus 8 Pro filter, everything is exposed.

The feature doesn’t just work with electronics. If you’ve ever wondered how much cologne is left in the bottle, you can now just aim the OnePlus at it!

Here’s the scariest look at a toaster heating up an English muffin I’ve ever seen. As you can see, the OnePlus is picking up way more IR light than the human eye can. The toaster is on in the same setting in the left and right pictures.

Of course, this isn’t really x-ray vision, it’s just the camera lens being able to see wavelengths of light that the naked eye can’t. But it’s still a ton of fun!

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