The ride-hailing service Uber is set to release new features to make traveling in and around airports easier this spring break season.

Uber announced this week that it would be deploying new app features to make airport travel less painful.

Among those new offerings, Uber has added step-by-step directions in the Uber app to guide you from your gate to the nearest Uber pickup area. That service offers specific directions and is available at more than 30 airports across the globe, including LAX, San Francisco International Airport, JFK, and the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport — the busiest airport in the world.

The hope is that the step-by-step directions will take some of the anxiety out of traveling to an unfamiliar or overly crowded airport.

Travelers will also be able to more accurately request a ride while waiting to deplane. Uber will estimate how long it will take to get to baggage claim from your gate so you can plan your trip more accurately. That service will be deployed soon at more than 400 airports.

And to make your pickup experience even easier, Uber is expanding reservation eligibility to include more of its ride services. You can also reserve rides up to 90 days in advance. That feature launched Monday.

Uber Eats ordering has also been made available at a handful of airports so travelers can place an order for pickup. It’s unclear if the company has plans to expand that service to other major airline hubs.

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