Tour the Top Secret Facility That Keeps Your Smartphone Signal Working, Even In A Natural Disaster

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The secret bunkers that keep your smartphone working, even in a natural disaster.

Have you ever noticed that your smartphone continues to work even during a power outage? That's because wireless companies have built secret facilities all over the nation that are meant to withstand a natural disaster.  These bunkers house redundant network equipment, batteries, diesel fuel and more  to keep you connected during an emergency. Verizon Wireless recently took us on a tour of one of these facilities to see the systems in place to keep your signal strong - no matter what.

I also recommend keeping a portable backup battery pack in your earthquake kit. This way you can recharge your phone when it goes dead. Just FYI, they are rated by mAh, this is how much of a charge they hold. The larger the number, the more times you can charge your phone off of it. For instance, a 10,000 mAh charger will charge an iPhone about 4 times. If you have a larger screen device like a Note you'll get about 3 charges. I checked with my friends at TYLT and they said that their batteries will hold a charge for about a year then start to lose 10% every two months. That might vary with other manufacturers based on the quality of their batteries, so I'd check mine every 6 months to make sure it's still charged.

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