Want to Cancel a Monthly Subscription? Just Send this Website a Text

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A new website checks your credit card for recurring subscription payments and offers to help you cancel or reduce them! 

We all do it – we sign up for Hulu, a streaming music site or a credit monitoring service and then forget all about it. But these companies don’t – and our credit card gets hit each and every month with a charge just big enough to annoy us but too small to carve out the time necessary to wait on hold with customer service to cancel.

Now a new website hopes to help – it’s called Trim, and it automatically scans through your transactions to find opportunities to save. All you have to do is connect the service to your credit card(s) and it will look through your last 90 days of transactions. (If you’re not comfortable with this, you can alternatively email in a recent statement for analysis.) Trim will identify any monthly recurring subscriptions and send you a text with all of them and how much you’re paying.

Don’t want to continue one of them? Just send a text back with the service you want to cancel. In many cases, Trim will automatically take care of the cancellation process so you stop paying for stuff you don’t want or need anymore. For more complicated subscriptions, like gym memberships, Trim will do what it can to help you out, but some user intervention might be needed.

The service is free and will even suggest ways to lower the monthly costs for services you want to keep – like car insurance. Trim says it can connect to more than 15,000 banks across the U.S. and uses high end security to make sure your credit card details are kept safe. If you’re uneasy about sharing your credit card login just email in a recent credit card statement.

Trim is worth a spin if you want to save some money on recurring subscriptions you’ve forgotten about and don’t feel like dealing with the time it takes to haggle with customer service.


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