Watch Keurig’s New “Kold” Machine Make a Margarita in Seconds – CES 2016

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See the video that has generated 29 million views!

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At CES you see a lot of gadgets, but I had no idea this one would be so popular – this short video has generated over 29 million plays on my Facebook page!

Here’s the back story…

I was at a press preview event at CES 2016 in Las Vegas and almost passed up the Keurig table because everyone knows how a Keurig works – you pop in a K-Cup and out comes a hot coffee seconds later.

But this one is different – it’s the company’s new Keurig Kold model. Instead of heating up water, it flash cools water down to 39 degrees in about 60 seconds. For my sample drink, the company made me a margarita.  All you have to do is put some tequila in the bottom of a cup to get the process started. Then you pop in a new style cup on the pod holder and press start. The machine cools down the water, then mixes the drink in the cup.

Funny part is that I quip “this is the easiest margarita I’ve ever made” but then I have trouble seating the pod properly in the holder. That’s because I was trying to it one handed one handed, while recording the entire drink making process with my phone in my other hand.

In the end, it doesn’t matter – apparently people like to see how a “Kold” Keurig works, even if they already know how the hot one does it.

Kold sells for $350 and makes soda, ice tea, seltzer, flavored water and more.

As for the margarita – it tasted good but I would have added a bit more ice to the cup for a true “Kold” experience.

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