We tried three unique wine subscription services perfect for your next Zoom happy hour


It’s no secret that beer and wine sales are up these days due to a combination of bars and restaurants being closed and all of us working, playing and staying at home. According to April’s Adobe Digital Economic Index, U.S. online wine, beer, liquor and accessory sales are up 74%!

We figured it would be a good time to check out online wine subscriptions, where you can get new tastes delivered right to your door.

I had Tech Smart’s Producer Meghan secure boxes from three different sites and have a real wine tasting with her family, who she is currently spending her days safer at home with.

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Here’s what we found!


Winc is formerly known as Club W. I did a segment with them all the way back in 2013! Winc bills themselves as a modern winery with a direct connection to consumers.

Once you sign up, you take a short quiz on their website to help identify the tastes you might like. The questions are simple, like “how do you take your coffee.” If you don’t have a lot of knowledge of wine, this could be a good way to get started.

Meghan’s family panel sipped a sparkling wine which they said was “very pleasant.” They also sampled a Pinot Noir called “Folly of the Beast” which was Meghan’s personal favorite.

“It’s an amazing way to discover really great wines. We do skin-contact orange wines, some very experimental things and then some really great values,” explained Brian Smith, co-founder and President at Winc Wines.

Bottles range from $13 to $18 and right now they’re offering $20 off your first order of four bottles.


Vinebox is all about the taste test! In fact, the wines come in what looks like a vial.

“It’s a wine club that offers a by the glass tasting experience at home. Our wines are sourced from around the world and allow members to discover and taste new wines and explore their taste preferences,” said McKenzie Hagan, VP of Growth at Vinebox.

Every three months, you get nine new “vials” of wine, with new collections each season. Vinebox’s team of sommeliers and experts piece together the best wines of the moment. It’s a good way to get an education about the diversity and stories behind the wine regions, winemakers and wines.

Meghan’s family panel sampled a French Red. Meghan’s dad said “it tastes more mature, there’s more going on in this wine.”

They also tried a fruity, Spanish white that Meghan’s mom described as “lovely” and said “I really like this one!”

Vinebox is $79 every 3 months.

The Drop Wine

Ditch the corkscrew with The Drop Wine, which ships cans! The company offers just three styles: red, white and rosé.

Meghan’s mom tried the white wine and said it was good, but still prefers her chardonnay.

Meghan tried the rose and would defintely drink it again.

A $45 sampler pack contains 12 cans and each can is equivalent to a glass and a half of wine.


Meghan’s family panel enjoyed the tasting a lot, but in the end, they agreed that Winc seemed to have the best combination of compelling wines and fun tastes for them.

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