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So you want to get your hands on the latest Xbox or Playstation 5? So does everyone else, it seems. Walmart has been releasing stock on their website at a certain time and date and within seconds, they’re sold out.

These websites might help you out – they check inventory at various retailers throughout the day and can even send you alerts if – and when – popular items are back in stock. But you have to act fast, just because you get an alert doesn’t mean you’ll be able to buy.

This site has all the info you need on one page. Just keep the window open for an alert when a console is back in stock. You can also get notifications sent to your email, phone, web browser or Telegram.

But you won’t be the only one alerted – according to their Telegram channels, it looks like tens of thousands of people are signed up for the same exact heads up, which means the competition is tough. has info on the latest gaming consoles, but also coronavirus related supplies and basically anything else that suddenly becomes tough to get a hold of. Personally, it’s worked for me several times with coronavirus supplies.


As the name implies, this site started as a way to get the latest inventory information on LEGO sets, but has since expanded to become a general deals site and inventory checker for various products.

BrickSeek doesn’t have the easiest one-click links to check stock but you can check online and in-store stock for popular retailers including Walmart, Target and others.


Popcart has the slickest design out of all of these sites and is the most consumer-friendly. The site says their bots are scanning inventory around the clock.

You can get alerts for all of the major retailers with just one click. Those notifications and be sent to your email or web browser if you install their helper extension, which I highly recommend in general. It can also compare prices on the web as you shop. I have it installed and I love seeing it pop up to confirm that the price I’m seeing on a product is the lowest or if they found a lower price at another major retailer.

I’ve also gotten notifications for the new Xbox back in stock at Amazon several times in the past few days (but when I click, it’s already gone), so it’s working.


This site has inventory trackers for the Xbox, PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch. There are results from big retailers including Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy and the company says that results are updated every 15 minutes.


ZooLert has dedicated tracking pages that auto-update every minute. The site focuses on stock at “reputable” sites so you don’t get ripped off paying over MSRP. I like how everything is on one page and you can see the in-stock status, last selling price at that site, and the time the product was last available. Right now, data in that column is pretty much non-existent.

ZooLert can also help you check local inventory instantly by clicking the shopping cart icon next to an item’s listing. True to it’s name, you can choose to be alerted with fun zoo-inspired sounds like a bird, lion or rooster when an item is back in stock.

Good luck!

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