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Family Law Mediator and Author Sean Collinson has spent the past 11 years mediating and settling family law cases involving more than a billion dollars in assets. But the real issues are rarely just about the money. The author of ‘7 Keys to Love’ reveals the Three “Foul Plays” in a relationship.

Sean Collinson has seen his share of broken relationships. His mother was 14 when she gave birth to him and then raised him in a notoriously rough section of Brooklyn. His 18-year-old father died violently before Sean turned one. As a Harvard-trained family law mediator who handles high-conflict dissolution of marriage and custody cases, Sean Collinson has witnessed the fragments of epic relationship failure.

His daily work as a mediator inspired him to create a straightforward guide to the principles that make romantic relationships work.

‘7 Keys to Love’ is available on

Sean is doing a Book signing Tuesday, February 10, 2015, at 5pm at Epic restaurant in Sherman Oaks