What looks like your typical mobile home is the latest concept in self-sustainable housing.

It’s called the Whole Earth Cube, and it was on display at CEATEC 2022 in Japan.

It’s an entire home that can operate off the grid.

Hokuryo, the company behind it, likes the home to when telephones went wireless. An “unplugged” house that opens up new possibilities.

You can tow it to a location and set it up.

The house is made mostly of wood and about the size of a shipping container.

There are solar panels on the roof which capture the sun’s energy and store it in giant batteries.

A tablet lets you visualize how much power is being generated or used at any given time.

There’s also a gas-powered backup generator just in case.

Water is collected from rain or a river, then filtered and recycled.

There are two separate water systems in the house – one for the shower, dishes and laundry, the other for the toilet.

Wastewater goes into a special tank where biological organisms break it down.

There is a kerosene tank that’s used for heat and hot water. It needs to be filled about once a year.

Finally, to stay in touch, there’s a telepresence system from Musvi. It features giant, vertical screens for more realistic “zoom” calls.

The Whole Earth Cube started out as an idea for disaster readiness, now the project is evolving as a way to live off the grid anywhere.

The company expects to start selling the homes next year in Japan only for a price of about a half million dollars. One the idea is fully realized and proven, it could be taken to other parts of the world.