He’s never taken the court for a college basketball team, but Jordan Haber has been invited to the biggest stage in basketball. The TikToker is going viral, after revealing he’s found a loophole that makes him eligible for the 2023 NBA Draft.

“I’m headed to Cardozo Law located in New York in the fall, so I decided to read the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement for fun. I thought it would be good reading material and a way to learn more about sports and entertainment law,” Haber said.

Those loopholes that allowed him to apply? Be part of this year’s graduating class, give 60 days notice with letter of intent, and fill out the proper official paperwork.

Haber says this all started as a joke with his friends, and he made a bet he could figure out a way to get himself into the NBA Draft.

Jordan Haber showing off his 2023 NBA draft invite on TikTok

Now that he’s officially in the pool of eligible players, Haber says his friends “won’t be satisfied until I get a picture with commissioner Adam Silver on draft night.”

His TikTok has more than a million views and commenters have shown overwhelming support, saying they hope he gets drafted by a team if for nothing else than marketing purposes.

“I’m just happy everyone has enjoyed this joke on Tik Tok,” Haber said. “People are having a lot of fun with it and are really rooting for me. It shows there is a good side to social media. It goes to show if you have a dream there’s probably some way you can achieve it. Even if you have to be a little creative and think outside the box.”

Haber plans on traveling to New York to attend the draft and document his trip.