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Amazon continues to build large grocery stores called Amazon Fresh, but they’re also working on something smaller, too.

Amazon Go is a convenience store with a high-tech twist: there’s technology in the ceiling that tracks the snacks and food you buy so you can just walk out.

Recently, I went inside the newest location in Whittier.

“You can come in, grab your items and just walk out, no checkout, no lines,” explained Ayesha Harper, Director of Amazon Convenience.

The store features Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, which uses cameras to figure out what you purchase, using a combination of deep learning, sensor fusion and computer vision.

You enter the store using a credit card, the Amazon App or Amazon One, which is like a fingerprint reader but uses your palm.

From here, whatever you take is now linked to you.

There’s a mix of standard snacks and local offerings, with a big emphasis on area brands, including LOV Bakery, Chubby Snacks, Glonuts, Rockenwagner Bakery, Positive Food Co., and lots of California beer and wine makers.

Side note: did you know Amazon has their own house brand wine named Cursive?

There’s even self-serve Pinkberry that’s $5 including toppings, as well as Kombucha and cold brew on tap.

One difference between the typical rolling meats at your corner convenience store is a kitchen that features made to order items. There are over 30 of them, including breakfast sandwiches, salads and even avocado toast.

The Just Walk Out technology isn’t always perfect. In my experience, you sometimes get charged for the wrong item, but you can easily go into the Amazon App and request a refund.

Also, receipts aren’t immediate, they’re emailed minutes to hours after you exit.

“The idea is that the technology fades into the background, you can pick up the items you like and be on your way,” concluded Harper.