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“Treasures of the Terai” is a three-part video series about Nepal’s successful anti-poaching efforts. The three videos feature Terai’s grass roots community efforts and the current state of the tiger and rhino population. Phillipe and Ashlan Cousteau journeyed to Nepal with the help of the World Wildlife Fund and The Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation. You can watch online.

Viewers who want to do more can sign the World Wildlife Fund’s petition to stop illegal poaching. is giving away a seven-day trek through Nepal so viewers can experience the magic of this country for themselves. Enter for a chance to win HERE.

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How has a tiny nation helped #EndPoaching? Journey with @ashlancousteau & @pcousteau into the Terai on @TakePart

How has a tiny nation helped #EndPoaching? Journey w @wwf @ashlancousteau & @pcousteau into the Terai on @TakePart

Tigers free from poaching are a sight to behold. Explore their world w @ashlancousteau & @pcousteau on @TakePart

In Nepal’s Terai region, animals thrive. Journey there w @ashlancousteau & @pcousteau on @TakePart to #EndPoaching

Join @ashlancousteau & @pcousteau as they explore S. Nepal & its successful efforts to #EndPoaching on @TakePart