We’ve all been there: Trying to take the perfect picture on vacation isn’t easy.

Enter Flytographer, a website that helps you hire a professional photographer in hundreds of cities around the world.

They’ll meet you to snap photos with the best local backdrops.

“Less than 3 percent of photographers that apply to our network are actually accepted so we have a really rigorous vetting process,” explained Nicole Smith, founder and CEO of Flytographer.

“A memory that shows the city and the people I’m with is kind of the best souvenir,” said Smith.

The idea for the website came to her while on vacation.

“You’re on a special trip and you want to make sure that you capture beautiful memories that you’re going to want to print and put up on your wall it’s worth investing and paying a professional a local artist to do it,” said Smith.

Packages start at $285 dollars, which includes a half-hour shoot and 15 curated photos you can download.

I met up with Flytographer Nathalie Lim in Tokyo.

We spent about an hour walking the streets, snapping photos I couldn’t get on my own.

The result? Lifelong memories that are way better than selfies or asking a random stranger to take. I even learned a bit about Tokyo along the way. You can check out my photos on Instagram.

“If you really want to capture something good quality and it’s not just your face taking up 75 percent of the photo it’s good to hire someone to actually do it for you,” concluded Lim.

Surprise proposals and family vacations are two popular uses of Flytographer. Photos arrive in about 5 days.