Apps are great for doing things on our phones and tablets, but sometimes websites can still be useful for certain tasks. Here are some handy websites to bookmark for converting files, editing photos quickly, and more.

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First up, need to convert a file to a different format? Zamzar can handle over 1,100 different file types, including audio, video, documents and more. You can convert two files a day up to 50MB each for free or pay for more conversions. Just upload your file and select the output format you want.

Need to share a big file fast? Check out You can drag and drop files up to 10 GB and get a shareable link in seconds. Files are end-to-end encrypted for privacy and links last up to 24 hours.

Want to resize a picture perfectly for social media? Try Drag and drop a photo and it’s instantly resized for over 100 services like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and more. AI makes sure the most important parts of your photo stay in frame.

Need to blur something in a photo quickly? lets you drag and drop a picture, select the parts you want blurred, and export the edited version. says all editing happens in your browser so no data gets uploaded. It’s free!

Finally, want to close out old accounts you don’t use anymore? has step-by-step deletion instructions for over 700 websites. It even rates how hard it is to delete them. It will take you right to the account closure pages for various sites so you can clean up your online presence and get rid of those logins you don’t need or use anymore.