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iSwimband $99.99
iSwimband is a new revolutionary wearable sensor which will send an ear-piercing alarm to a Bluetooth-enabled portable device (iPhone, iPad) in the event that a swimmer has been submerged for too long or if a non-swimmer (i.e. a child) enters the water. iSwimband was developed with the assistance of experts in aquatic safety. While nothing replaces diligent human supervision, iSwimband provides an extra layer of protection in and around the water for your family, friends and guests. iSwimband is completely portable and simple to use. It works in pools, lakes, rivers, the beach, even in spas and bathtubs. It can even be used on pets!

Calimojos Non-Slip Flip Flops $28
We should never walk barefoot or wear anything but non-slip shoes around a pool. Calimojos offers a stylish non-slip flip flop that is safe to wear around water and has a really cool feature you've probably never seen before -- they change colors in the sun! Available in an array of vibrant colors that perfectly blends style with safety.

MelanSol 100% Natural Sunscreen $25
We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen before hitting the pool or beach, but the toxic chemicals in most trusted sunscreen brands can do just as much damage as the sun itself. MelanSol is the only natural sunscreen that uses a high concentration blend of bio-active antioxidants to boost your ability to neutralize free radical damage that is responsible for sunburn, early skin aging, and skin cancer. No other sunscreen focuses on free radical protection. Furthermore, MelanSol is the only truly tear-free sunscreen that starts working as soon as its applied - no more waiting 20 minutes before sun exposure. Available in baby formula too!

Platypus Australia $30+
Offering another level of protection from the sun's harmful rays, Platypus Australia is the only FDA-approved brand of UV swimwear and swim hats for kiddos ages newborn-14 years.

Sea Squirts Doggie Swim Vest $29.99
It's important to keep man's best friend safe by the pool too! It's estimated that thousands of family pets die in drowning accidents each year. The SwimWays Doggie Swim Vest is a fun and functional swim jacket specially designed for dogs. Featuring a leash attachment and full-body flotation that supports your pet in and around the water. Plus, the flexible (and cute!) dorsal fin and handle on the back allows for quick control of your pup.

Life Saver Pool Fence $15-$20 per foot
An unprotected pool is 100x more dangerous to a child than a loaded gun, according to Freakanomics. The only way to be certain that your child is safe from drowning in a home pool is if there's a protective barrier between the pool and the child. While most pool fences are unattractive and either permanent or flimsy, Life Saver Pool Fence offers a solution that is attractive, is the strongest fence on the market, AND is removable -- which is perfect for parties without the kids. Plus, with every Life Saver Pool Fence purchase, they donate a pool fence to the family of a near-drowning victim or to a selected foster family that couldn't otherwise afford one.

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