Apple has taken the wraps off the iPhone 15, unveiling the new smartphones at an event at its Cupertino headquarters. The biggest change coming to the new iPhone 15 models is how you plug them in – there’s no more Lightning cable. In its place is USB-C, which is universal among most other smartphones and gadgets.

I checked! The last time Apple changed the connector on the bottom was back in 2012 when they switched from a 30-pin to Lightning. So, it’s had a good 10+ year run.

I went hands-on with the new iPhone 15 models to check out the key new features. Here’s what you need to know!

For the first time, all iPhone 15 models will use a USB-C charging port instead of Lightning. This could allow for faster charging and syncing. Apple will include a USB-C cable in the box, just keep in mind you might need a new wall adapter for the new phones if yours isn’t USB-C compatible.

iPhone 15 and 15 Plus get a lot of last year’s pro features including the Dynamic Island and a 48-megapixel camera. In fact, these phones now take 24 megapixel pictures by default. They come in various colors including yellow, green, blue, black and pink. Prices start at $800 for 128 gigabytes of storage.

Many of the major upgrades are reserved for the Pro models. These get a new titanium frame that is definitely lighter in the hand, plus a new chip inside and a new programmable Action Button.

The Action Button replaces the ring/silent slider that has been on the iPhone since the beginning. The neat thing is that you can program this to do a variety of tasks, including opening the camera, starting a timer or even running a Shortcut (which opens up even more possibilities). There are 9 possible settings.

The Pro Max model also gets an improved zoom range of 5X. I know, I know, Samsung does 10X optical on the S23 Ultra and up to 100X digital, but this is a big improvement for iPhone users.

There was no major price hike as rumored, but Apple did do something a little tricky with pricing on the Pro Max. It costs $1199, which technically is $100 more than last year’s starting price, but they’re making you get the 256-gigabyte model, which cost the same amount last year. There is no option to get a cheaper model with 128 gigabytes.

iPhone 15 Pro models come in black, white, blue and natural. The standard iPhone 15 Pro starts at $999.

One helpful feature coming to all iPhone 15 models is the ability to call for AAA roadside assistance over satellite. This means you can get help even in an area without a cellular signal. The satellite connectivity service is included for 2 years, but you still need to be a AAA member to actually get the roadside services, or you’ll have to pay.

The new iPhone 15 models are available for pre-order Friday September 15 and will be in stores Friday, September 22.

Should you upgrade? That depends on how badly you want the latest and greatest or the convenience of USB-C across various gadgets. The changes are largely incremental upgrades, but the camera is going to be better on the standard models and Dynamic Island is fun to have. The Pro models are definitely lighter, the increase zoom is a welcome addition and USB-C just makes life easier if you have multiple gadgets, especially while traveling.