You’ve heard of an RV, but what about an LV?

It stands for Living Vehicle, a luxurious home on wheels that lets you embrace the remote work lifestyle so you can live comfortably in various places.

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“We’re nomadic, we aren’t … required to stay in one location anymore,” explained Matthew Hofmann, designer and founder of Santa Barbarba-based Living Vehicle.

Thanks to the internet, email, zoom, and now AI, remote work is a reality for many.

“Let’s change the way that we perceive traditional home environment and do something a little different,” said Hofmann, who runs the company along with his wife.

Take a full tour of the Living Vehicle here.

“My wife and I have been living in small spaces like this for the past couple of decades, we like living simply and living well, but we don’t need to live in large homes.”

Inside, you’ll find things are compact but luxurious. There’s a dining area, a kitchen with appliances, a deck, a bedroom with a combo washer/dryer, and a bathroom with a good-sized shower.

“So LV by virtue, L, living, R, recreational, recreational designed for short-term use camping that kind of stuff, a weekend. Living designed full-time, create your own resources so you can get out in nature and you can enjoy luxuries, the stuff we’re accustomed to and exist perpetually without a connection to the grid,” explained Hofmann.

A 2024 model has solar, complete with a panel to monitor real-time usage levels. It even has its own water generation system.

“With this model we created a new system called Water Gen. It’s with an Israeli company that literally extracts water out of the air and fills up our freshwater tank,” said Hofmann.

The idea is that you can live off the grid, anywhere you want, and move locations when you feel like it. It’s a change in thinking for sure, but technology is making it a possibility.

“Really what we’re trying to do is challenge the way that people see housing and create a more sustainable future that’s geared towards how we’re actually living our lives today,” concluded Hofmann.

The 2024 Living Vehicle lineup starts at $300,000, which is more expensive than your typical RV but less than the average price of a home. Plus, it goes anywhere.