White Collar Crime, Who does it and Why?

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White collar crimes are making headlines more than ever. The Department of Justice reports more than 400 white collar crime prosecutions each month in the United States. These prosecutions cost individuals and businesses billions of dollars each year. Jason Chez should know. He served 3 years in Federal Prison for fraud associated with a medical products business he ran. Jason was caught when his partner decided to blow the whistle. He lost his company, and jeopardized his wife and children's future. As Jason headed to prison, he was frightened. Everyone had advice, but none of it described the actual experience and hardship that Jason brought on himself. After serving his time and paying restitution, Jason knew he needed to help change things. That's why he founded Chez Compliance and Advocacy Group. The company coaches white collar criminals and their families before heading to prison and with the aftermath. But even more important …. Jason now goes into companies and speaks with workers about greed and “keeping their collars clean” to help prevent people from committing white collar crimes in the first place.

CHEZ COMPLIANCE & ADVOCACY GROUP is a consulting, compliance and advocacy firm that specializes in federal prison consulting for recently arrested white collar criminals and in advocacy for early prevention of white collar crime for compliance groups and departments of corporate America as well as for students in higher education at the college and graduate school level. At CHEZ, “We Keep Your Collar Clean.”

At CHEZ Compliance, our team provides in-depth counsel to arrested white collar individuals from lawyer selection and pre-incarceration to indictment and incarceration to early-release and re-entry. As advocates for white collar crime early prevention (compliance), through our speakers bureau programs and workshops: “Keep Your Collar Clean” and “Just Say No,” the CHEZ Advocacy team educates compliance departments, corporations, purchasing agents, executives, professional associations and university and graduate school students plus young associates in corporate America (just entering the work force) on the ease and frequency of white collar criminal non-violent acts and helps to deter them from committing an act of white collar crime.

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