A list of unacceptable places to take a woman on a first date is going viral.

The list was posted to X, formerly Twitter, and it’s leaving men stumped on where else to go.

The first several places are popular restaurant chains like Applebees, Chili’s, Olive Garden, IHOP, Denny’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Wingstop, Red Lobster and the Cheesecake Factory.

Any fast food chain is also a big no.

Photo: @power106LA

Other places mentioned include movies, the gym, a bar for drinks, coffee or ice cream dates, the guy’s house, a buffet, family functions, somewhere that requires a long drive, bowling and sporting events.

Clubs and hookah lounges also made the list.

Buffalo Wild Wings responded to the viral post.

“(Red flag emoji) if she doesn’t like wings, beer, and sports,” the chain wrote on X.

LL Cool J, whom the ladies love, posted to X on Tuesday saying he was “going to Cheesecake Factory tonight.”

Meanwhile, ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith was up in arms over the list.

“First of all, what the hell is wrong with Cheesecake Factory? Ain’t nothing wrong with Cheesecake Factory” he exclaimed in a clip posted to X. “Not only is there nothing wrong with the Cheesecake Factory, the Cheesecake Factory ain’t that damn cheap.”

Television personality Demetria Obilor also weighed in on the conversation.

“If you won’t go to Cheesecake Factory on a first date, you are the problem. There is nothing wrong with going to Cheesecake Factory on a first date. In fact, I thought it was low-key thoughtful because when you’re still getting to know someone you don’t know what they love to eat yet and Cheesecake has like 10,000 items on the menu,” she said in a video posted to Instagram.