$3-Billion Electric Vehicle Rebate Bill Moves to California Legislature for Full Floor Vote


The 2017 all-electric Chevy Bolt EV is shown in a file photo. (Credit: Charles Fleming / Los Angeles Times)

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Democratic leaders in the California Senate on Friday moved a $3-billion spending plan that would dramatically raise state rebate amounts on electric and plug-in hybrid cars to a full floor vote in the Assembly and the Senate.

The action came moments after a representative of the state Department of Finance opposed the bill because it calls for the “appropriation of billions without identifying a funding source.”

The Senate Appropriations Committee cleared the bill on a 5-2 vote, setting it to be approved or not by Sept. 15, when the current legislative session ends. The committee’s two Republicans voted no.

The bill has been roundly criticized for lack of detail and confusing language, and has undergone several transformations during the legislative session.

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