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Six months after her disappearance, Mid-City mom Heidi Planck has not been found, and her friends are continuing the search and encouraging people to perform acts of kindness as a tribute.

Planck, who vanished in October after attending her son’s football game in Downey, was seen on surveillance video at a building in downtown Los Angeles, but soon after, her dog was found unattended.

While many questions remain, some theories have centered on her work as a financial controller for Jason Sugarman.

Sugarman, managing partner of Camden Capital Partners, allegedly defrauded a Native American tribe out of about $43 million in pension funds, and he faces charges from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

After her disappearance, police served a search warrant at her home, reportedly in connection with the fraud investigation.

Planck’s ex-husband has also said he believes there could be a connection between her disappearance and the fraud investigation.

Regardless of the reasons behind the disappearance, Planck is still missing, and her friends are encouraging Angelenos to be kind on Sunday, April 17, in honor of Planck.

“That’s the spirit of Heidi we want to propagate and be out there,” a friend said. “We are asking people to go out there and show us the random acts of kindness that you see in your everyday life.”

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Editor’s note: The video attached to this story contains a logo for Camden Capital, which is different from the Camden Capital Partners at which Jason Sugarman works.