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An allegedly intoxicated woman was arrested early Thursday after video captured her wandering in and out of lanes on a San Diego freeway as vehicles swerved to avoid hitting her stalled car, according to a report.

The incident occurred around 1:45 a.m. on the 15 Freeway near University Avenue in the City Heights area, CNN affiliate KGTV reported.

The unidentified young woman got out of her vehicle, which was stopped in the middle of the northbound lanes, and ran across the freeway to ask a KGTV photojournalist for jumper cables, according to the television station.

She walked away from the news van toward a motorcyclist and taxi driver who had stopped to help, video of the incident showed.

Meanwhile, multiple vehicles could be seen in the background honking and swerving around the vehicle to avoid crashing into it.

The woman then meandered back to her stalled car, got in and sat on the driver’s side.

A bystander tried to help by walking onto the freeway to direct traffic away from the stopped vehicle but he was forced to flee at one point after nearly getting hit, according to the video that was shot by the KGTV photographer.

As the woman appeared to take out a cellphone while sitting in the car, the photojournalist frantically yelled at her to leave the vehicle and get to a safe place.

“You got to get out! You’re going to get hit!” he shouted, tapping on her window. “Get out of the car, you’re going to get hit by a car! Lady, your life is in danger!”

He could also be heard in the video advising the bystander — who was back in freeway lanes attempting to divert traffic — to get off the roadway.

“Don’t stand in the road, don’t stand in the road, they’re going to hit you,” the photojournalist yelled.

Eventually, the California Highway Patrol arrived and took the woman into custody on a DUI charge, the TV station reported. Her name has not been released.

No one was injured and no vehicles were struck in the incident, which occurred just weeks after another KGTV photojournalist videotaped the dramatic rescue of an allegedly intoxicated driver who had apparently passed out in her stopped vehicle on the 805 Freeway in San Diego.