A black bear has some residents on edge after its been spotted roaming around neighborhoods in La Verne.

Courtney Kerchner lives near the border of La Verne and Pomona and said she’s seen the bear on several occasions, last spotting it near the Pomona Metrolink station on Fulton Road.

Kerchner said it was headed toward a group of construction workers who were doing some work in the area.

Police were informed of the bear, but the animal falls under the authority of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. It’s unclear if Fish and Wildlife is aware of the recent sighting.

Earlier this month, another KTLA viewer in La Verne shared photos of a black bear near their home. It’s unclear if it’s the same bear seen in the two photos, but the bear spotted earlier in July appeared to be a juvenile while the bear spotted some time this week looks to be a bit larger.

La Verne is located in the Pomona Valley with parts of the city sitting just below the Angeles National Forest, a habitat known to support black bears.

Fish and Wildlife says it’s not unusual to see bears in communities near their habitat, and a sighting alone is not reason for concern. However, if a bear causes damage at your property, you might need to take additional steps to make your home less welcoming to the predators.

Wildlife officials also urge residents who come in close contact with bears to never feed them under any circumstances as that can lead to more conflicts and encounters with humans that could end with the bear being killed.

For a list of tips about what to do if you encounter a bear near your, click here.