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By: Rich DeMuro
Dec. 28, 2012

It’s been a great year for gadgets.

Every month I’ve shared my picks of unique, affordable and useful gadgets–many of them I still use. Here are my top picks from 2012.

From February, it was the Doxie scanner.

You want to go paperless, Doxie’s portable scanners can help. Doxie scans a page in about nine seconds and holds hundreds of documents. Models start at $150.

It was my favorite thing from July–Bubcaps!

Bub-caps adds a protective layer to your smartphones and tablets. Just stick one over your home button to share the device with a little peace of mind. It’s easy for adults to press but challenging for youngsters, so you know your kids are only going to in the app you want.

Bub-caps come in four-packs for just $7.

When it comes to bad wireless signal, you’re not alone. Stubborn walls get diminish your signal, but don’t fret. There’s hope with my October favorite pick, the Netgear Wifi Booster.

Just plug it in, connect to your network and you’ll be able to extend your Wifi signal all over the house.

The Netgear Wifi Booster is $40.

Not getting the attention you so desperately want? Try the $100 Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears as a conversation starter. It reads your mind and reacts to your thoughts.

Good news, they work! Bad news, keep in check what you’re thinking about.

Apple’s iPads are one of the hottest devices this year. And what better way to protect the iPad while carrying a keyboard than my favorite pick for May, the Logitech Bluetooth Ultra-thin keyboard.

It clicks into place using magnets and doesn’t add much bulk. The built-in battery lasts for six months on a charge. All this, just for $100.

Finally, it’s a phone holder and screen cleaner in one. The Toddy Wedge is the perfect shape to support most smartphones and has an anti-microbial microfiber for cleaning screens. The Wedge is $15.

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