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Rotating floral-graphs depict shelter pets awaiting adoption making dreams come true for them and their “forever” families. The Beverly Hills Pet Foundation holds adoption events four times a year in the Beverly Hills City Parks. Set in a rose garden filled with joyful hearts and bursting with love … dreams do come true for those that adopt shelter pets. Trees intertwine an arbor to support rotating colorful 6 foot wide x 8 foot tall floral-graphs of an adorable puppy, kitten, dog and cat looking for their “forever homes”. There is a loving rescue pet out there for everyone – now please go find and adopt one! The Beverly Hills Pet Foundation holds pet adoption events four times a year in Beverly Hills City Parks: Roxbury, La Cienega and Beverly Gardens. Occurring in the winter, spring, summer and fall the time is always right to give a well-deserving rescue pet a secure home, ecstatic happiness and a heart filled with love.

Construction Height:     24 feet
Construction Width:     18 feet
Construction Length:     55 feet

Colorful rotating floral-graphs take center stage and are artistically crafted in an array of natural materials including yellow and gold strawflower petals, blue and purple sinuate statice, green manzanita leaves and parsley flakes, white sweet rice, gold and brown flax seeds, gray poppy seed black onion seed and orange lentils. The color and texture of fuzzy animal fur on the sculptured dog and cat has been created in curly white coconut chips, dark brown nyjer seed, gold strawflower petals, orange-red safflower spice, silky grass, uva grass and pampas grass. Adoring eyes are decorated in black seaweed, green split peas, brown flax seed and sweet rice powder. Over 15,000 brilliant red and hot pink roses create the heart-filled gardens and topiary trees framing the float. Thousands of lavender Bombay and purple dendrobium orchids cascade from trees with trucks of malaleuca bark. Floral boxes and steps are fashioned from crisp white sweet rice and coconut flakes with accents of cream colored cornhusk. Specialty lawns of freshly grown soil-less grass complete the outdoor garden scene. Colorful floral displays in orange, purple, red and pink feature bird of paradise, ginger, heliconia, liatris and anthuriums which frame the floral-graphs and float.