Boston Bombings Trigger Flood of Threats — Carolyn Costello Reports

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The LAPD’s bomb squad blew up a suspected bomb on Hollywood Blvd, near Orange Street…after a man walked into a Hooters Restaurant with a lunch box, claiming there was a bomb inside.

The Hooters was evacuated…and a remote controlled robot removed the lunch box…and blew it up.

Earlier today at Cal State LA…a mass exodus of about 8 thousand students led to a major traffic jam.

Campus officials chose to evacuate when they learned of a bomb threat.

According to police someone called 911 from a pay phone in El Monte…saying a bomb had been placed on campus…and it would explode in 2 hours.

The school called for an emergency evacuation…as police searched for explosives.

Also today a threat made against USC.

When a caller told police a “nuclear weapon” was on campus…dozens of  LAPD officers were dispatched…and university officials shut down the Leavey Library….later authorities said the call was a hoax…reportedly coming from the psychiatric ward at USC University Hospital.

Another apparent hoax called into 911 Tuesday evening…led KTLA management to evacuate the studios for nearly 2 hours…a caller claimed 3 bombs were on the grounds…and authorities had 54 minutes to find them.

A suspicious package in Venice, and an  abandoned pressure cooker in Silverlake led the LAPD to close down streets and call in the bomb squad.

And tonight another suspicious package at a Starbucks in Torrance ..all false alarms….but all eliciting an emergency response.

No one willing to take a chance…after Monday’s deadly bombings in Boston.

— Carolyn Costello, KTLA News

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